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I was born on January the 7th, in 1981 in a small town deep in Russia. I had quite a happy childhood, thanks to my parents. They taught me how to hear music and how to see beauty. I’m forever grateful to them for that.

Not very social by nature, as a kid I loved staying home alone. Instead of playing outside with other kids, I’ve been drawing comics books… Of course, when grew up, I went to an art-school.

In 1999 I did my first tattoo on a friend’s skin using a “classic” tattoo-machine that I made out of a guitar string, a pen and cassette player engine. I actually had no plans of becoming a tattoo artist at that time, I was just curious. I felt more than happy painting, designing and playing guitar in a nu-metal band, but somehow I did a few more tattoos and then I just could not stop.

After a few years wasted on getting higher education, doing military service and trying all kinds of awful jobs, I realized that I have to move on and went to Moscow. Very soon I started tattooing full-time in one of the busiest street shops in the center of the city. As soon as my technique improved, I continued moving on. For a couple of years was a resident artist in Tattoo3000 studio, on of the best custom tattoo shops in Russia. Still hungry for knowledge, in the late 00s’ I started traveling abroad, attending international tattoo conventions and doing guest-spots all around Europe. Very soon I left Russia behind and continued my World Tour. In 2010 I stopped in Oslo, Norway, where I now permanently live and work. I’m still traveling and attending tattoo-conventions, but Norway is my home today.

I specialize on colorful tattoos with realistic shapes. I love mystic and dark motives, but I never say “no” to new challenges if I have an opportunity to explore new horizons.

Though tattooing is still my main occupation, besides of painting I also work with clothes designing and publishing (both writing and illustrating). And I still continue my music experiments…

If you have any questions, just use the contact form and I’ll answer as soon as I can. Watch for the updates and see you around the world!

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