Alexis Ren Rocks New Revolver And Spade Finger Tattoos

The Instagram star visited The California Dream Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles to get a couple of tiny tattoos by Romeo Lacoste

Alexis Ren’s tattoo collection is growing very fast. Less than five months after debuting four tattoos by Jon Boy in her first two tattoo sessions ever, the soon-to-be-supermodel has revealed two new tattoos.

First up, Alexis got inked a small revolver tattoo on her right index finger. The revolver was spotted in an Instagram story on March 31.

Today, Romeo posted a better picture of the tattoo to his Instagram feed.

Interestingly, Alexis is also sporting a tiny spade outline tattoo since her visit to Romeo's studio. The spade is located on her left middle finger.

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In the absence of confirmation, it seems quite obvious that both tattoos were performed that same day by that same artist at that same spot.

To see all Alexis Ren tattoos, visit her Tattoo Filter profile here.

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