Creative Small Tattoos You’ll Want to Get With Your Best Friend

Getting a matching BFF tattoo it’s a great way to celebrate the triumph of a great friendship. It’s taking your relationship to the next level.

Small Tattoos in Ideas

When it comes to BFF (Best Friend Forever) tattoos you have two different options: identical matching tattoos, consisting of the same tattoo usually inked on two or more people, or complementary matching tattoos, consisting of two different tattoos that fit together.

Whether identical or coinciding, you will both know that you are marked forever, and that should be enough to keep the friendship going for life. We scoured the web to find the best matching tattoos between friends for you to use as an inspirational guide. Check it out and send your fave idea over to your main bestie.

Matching butterflies

Hand poked Jasmine tattoo for Laura and laurel tattoo for Jasmin

Matching opposite sun and moon tattoos.

Matching pinky promise tattoos

Matching lucky wishbones on Katharina and her best friend.

Matching moon and flower

Matching fine line style triceratops, T-Rex and brontosaurus

Matching heart

Matching 3D-modelling type deer tattoos

Matching dragonflies

Matching flower moons

Matching poppy and each others initials

For more friendship tattoo ideas, visit our matching tattoos for best friends gallery.

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