Inter star Icardi gets a huge torso tattoo

The Inter striker has a substantial amount of body art and yesterday was visited by fellow citizen and tattooist Artur to add to his collection

The 24-year-old has shared his latest tattoo on Wednesday with the first glimpse of an almost completed full-body tattoo dedicated to his daughters, Francesca and Isabella.

The Argentine footballer now sports a fearsome black and grey style lion head, surrounded by two lion cubs on his torso. “Dedicated to my two little ones, Francesca and Isabella” he wrote in an Instagram post.

“Dedicated to my two little ones, Francesca and Isabella”

The tattoo was courtesy of Argentine tattooer Artur, who owns Holy Koi Tattoo in Las Palmas and Vecindario. The artist travelled to Milan to get the job done. It's the third session in the last five months, and Mauro wrote that there is more ink yet to come.

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