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A Definitive Guide to All of Kylie Jenner's Tattoos

So we put together a quick guide to help you keep up with the reality star's ink—and we'll continue to update it as their impressive gallery of body art grows

Kylie Jenner's tattoos are the stuff of legends. You might catch a brief glimpse of them in a poorly-lit Instagram pic, but you never get a good enough look to tell exactly what they are.

And if there's one thing the reality star and beauty mogul loves it's getting tattoos, so there are plenty to analyze and speculate about. She's covered herself in tiny symbols, text written in dainty fonts, and red-ink creations, tattoos she's matched with best friends and boyfriends, and even a clever way she had one design transformed post-breakup.

So how many tattoos does she have exactly? Right now the count nearly reaches double-digits. To make your lurking easier, I've prowled the internet to find every one of Kylie Jenner's tattoos – the ones we know about at least – and their meanings.

The Supreme Lip Kit Kween of Calabasas debuted her first, a tiny red heart on her upper arm, at her 18th birthday party.

If you would like to try the temporary version of the tattoo, here's a similar version.

About a year after she got the lower hip tattoo that says "sanity", she added the word "before" in front of sanity so that it now reads "before sanity."

"I just like the word 'Sanity' — just stay sane through it all. A lot of young stars who grow up in the spotlight have a really hard time. I didn't want that to be me." Jenner said to V Magazine regarding the text.

We've found a similar temporary tattoo here.

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In February 2016 she revealed that she had gotten another new tattoo: her grandmother's name, Mary Jo, written in her grandfather's handwriting on her arm.

In May 2016, Jenner took a trip to West 4 Tattoo in NYC with her then best friend Jordyn Woods to get matching letter M's on the inside of their fingers by tattoo artist JonBoy. Neither Kylie nor Woods ever publicly disclosed why they got this image inked onto their fingers, according to People.

In January 2017, Kylie got a tiny t tattoo dedicated to Tyga, her boyfriend back then. Later that year, it had officially been inked over to read "L.A." in cursive instead.

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On July 2017 Jenner showed fans a super-small black butterfly on the back of her ankle—identical to one in the same place on Travis Scott. Both tattoos were also tattooed by JonBoy.

We've found a similar temporary tattoo here, in case you want to try it out.

In May 2019, both Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott got matching tattoos in honor of their daughter, Stormi, whom they welcomed in February 2018. She inked the name "Stormi" in her right tricep by tattooist to the stars, JonBoy.


Kylie's 4:43 tattoo is another tribute to her daughter, Stormi. She was born on February 1, 2018 at 4:43pm.

We'll continue to update Kylie's Tattoofilter profile as her impressive gallery of body art grows.

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