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Psychedelic Tattoos by Aleksy Marcinów

Get ready for some serious acid trip with Aleksy Marcinów's insanely trippy brand of tattoos!

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Born and raised in Katowice Poland, Aleksy Marcinów is a University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury graduate who has a flair of creating eccentric tattoos in the most vivid mix of dark and bright colors. He works as an 'on the road' tattoo artist between Magdeburg and London.

Aleksy is trying to spread his work on different fields. He has a signature style for the majority of his art, a mixture of illustrative, abstract and surrealism, mostly blackish, mixing it with a wide color palette of vivid colors. His work is sometimes very provocative, probably influenced by his dissertation, titled “Japanese erotic art-from shunga to Araki”.

Mountain View
Mountain View

To know where to find him visit his Tattoofilter profile.

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