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Tattoo Styles: Abstract

Abstract tattoos are non-literal compositions that can take many forms. By deconstructing any recognizable subject matter, these works can communicate intangible concepts or emotions.

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Abstract art, including tattoos of course, can represent both tangible (object, animal...) and intangible (mood, emotions...) subjects in non-literal ways. Using a visual language of shape, color and movement, abstract work can deconstruct topic(s) to their most base forms.

Abstract artists deliberately avoid any attempt at verisimilitude or realism in their work. Living outside of clearly defined categorization allows the artist to convey nebulous human experiences that may be too complex for words. These pieces also require more work from the viewer. To understand an abstract piece is to project some of your own ideas and emotions on to it. This effectively starts a creative dialogue, rather than a one-way conversation.

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The history of abstract art is not confined to any specific region or medium. 20th century contemporary artists in the west popularized many forms of abstraction, but this interpretive art form pre-dates modern civilization.

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