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Usher Dawns New Head Tattoo By Dillon Forte

California artist Dillon Forte tattoos worldwide music superstar, Usher. Adding to his list of notable clients including Chris Hemsworth, Kehlani and more.

Forte has confirmed that Usher’s new tattoo, running from the top of his head down through the top of his upper back, is in fact his work. Usher sought out Forte after discovering his intricate tattoos of sacred geometrical designs. On the heels of Usher’s newest album announcement (and hairstyle) making the news, this bold new tattoo is sure to capture the attention of his fans and tattoo enthusiasts alike.

Usher learned of Forte’s work via his friend Brian Hallisay (Jennifer Love Hewitt’s husband). Usher asked him about the artist (Dillon Forte) and the introduction was made. Usher’s tattoo is inspired by transformation, sacred geometry, and an ancient Berber talisman to mark the cardinal points in the sky and allow travelers to find their way across vast distances.

2019 has already been a big year for Dillon Forte, who recently completed multiple international tattoo conventions and likely surpassed world records with his tattooing of a client over 17,000 ft up on Mt. Everest. In addition to being known for his sacred geometry tattoo work, Forte is also noted for his canvas designs, world travels and owning/operating Sri Yantra Tattoo, which has studios and incredible artists on staff in Venice and Oakland, California.

© Dillon Forte
© Dillon Forte

To contact Dillon Forte, visit his profile.

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