date_range MAR 29 - 31

La Patte de L’Artiste Tattoo Convention 2024

room Parc des expositions l’AtraXion

directions ZAC des, Rue des Prés, 90400, Andelnans, Arrondissement de Belfort



La Patte De L’Artiste Tattoo Convention 2024

The La Patte de L’Artiste Tattoo Convention in Belfort, France, is a testament to the fusion of artistry, culture, and individual expression through the medium of tattooing. This convention, nestled in the picturesque region of Belfort, gathers a diverse array of local and international tattoo artists, creating a vibrant tapestry of ink, creativity, and tradition.

The event celebrates the skilled craftsmanship and diverse styles of tattoo art, providing a platform for artists to exhibit their talents and connect with an audience eager to witness the evolution and significance of body art. La Patte de L’Artiste Tattoo Convention invites attendees to explore the intricate world of ink, where stories and personal narratives come to life on the skin, making it an engaging and captivating experience for all who attend.

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