date_range JUN 07 - 09

Ink In The Rink 2024

room James R. Eister Youth & Community Center

directions 249 Memorial Dr, 17801, City of Sunbury, Northumberland County



Ink In The Rink 2024

Here, in the center of artistic expression, skin transforms into a canvas—welcome to “Ink in the Rink.” The bold world of ink and the rink’s

passion are combined in this tattoo extravaganza. Join us for this exceptional talent showcase, where talented artists will transform your body into works of art that reflect the energy of a bustling rink.

Take part in a creative fusion where the dynamic energy of the tattoo parlor blends with the skill of tattoo artists, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Be on the look out for more information and announcements attending artist, band vendors, and food vendors! Share with your favorite tattoo artist.

For booth info contact:

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