date_range MAY 09 - 11

8th Prison Ink

room Fonden Fængslet

directions Fussingsvej 8, 8700, Horsens, Central Denmark Region



Prison Ink Tattoo Convention 2024

The only convention in a now-closed prison facility was originally built in 1856 and closed to inmates in 2006. More than 200 tattooers from the whole world, international jury, competitions, street art/graffiti, outdoor area with var, street food, MC-meet, and USA car meet.

There, you will be able to constantly follow the fantastic works that professional graffiti artists create every day. You will also be able to hear cool live music in various genres from a lot of exciting upcoming names. In the meantime, the tattoo artists will be working, and the machines will be constantly humming in the large hall of the Magasinet and in the cells of the Arresten, where you will be able to experience tattoos being done on the spot and satisfy your curiosity. And of course, you can also get a tattoo yourself and make an appointment with a tattoo artist.

Prison Ink Tattoo Festival #8 9 May 2024

A tattoo convention is a working festival where tattoo artists tattoo customers for everyone to see. The customer can be you! You can book an appointment in advance with one of the many tattoo artists if you want to be sure of getting an appointment with a particular tattoo artist. You can also make an appointment for the tattoo festival itself. The vast majority of the participating tattoo artists make walk-in appointments on the spot – so it is also an option if you want to take the chance and get a tattoo done.

You may contact and make an agreement with the tattoo artist directly by clicking on one of the contact options under the individual tattoo artist under Artists.

Prison Ink Tattoo Festival #8 9 May 2024


9 May 2024

11:00 -Dørene åbner

17:00 -Best small tattoo – Ink stage

19:00 -Best Old school tattoo – Ink stage

20:00 -Best apprentice tattoo – Ink stage

22:00 -Best of Thursday – Ink stage

23:00 – 01:00Afterparty at Zwei Grosse Bier Bar & Night Club

Prison Ink Tattoo Festival #8 9 May 2024

10 May 2024

11:00 -Dørene åbner

15:00 -Best Neo Traditional – Ink stage

17:00 -Best Black Work/ornamental – Ink stage

18:00 -Best oriental tattoo – Ink stage

20:00 -Best Realistic Tattoo – Ink stage

22:00 -Best of Friday – Ink stage

23:00 – 04:00Afterparty at Zwei Grosse Bier Bar & Night Club

Prison Ink Tattoo Festival #8 9 May 2024

11 May 2024

11:00 -Dørene åbner

12:00 -US Car Meet

12:00 -Prison Ink Bike Meet

14:00 -Best New School – Ink stage

15:00 -Best Color tattoo – Ink stage

17:00 -Best large tattoo – Ink stage

19:00 -Best Black ‘N’ Grey – Ink stage

21:00 -Best of show – Ink stage

23:00 Afterparty at Zwei Grosse Bier Bar & Night Club

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