date_range JAN 14 - 16, 2011

Gathering of the Tribes

room Borneo Convention Centre Kuchung

directions The Isthmus Sejingkat, Kuching, Sarawak



Gathering of the Tribes brings the world to Borneo to experience something like no other. It is organised by a Committee made up of people concerned for the revival of traditional Borneo cultures and dying traditions. It started as a tattoo convention but now it has grown and developed into a tribal convention where the focus is now shifted to REVIVAL of the ancient arts, tattooing included.It is the FIRST of its kind ever to be held in Borneo. Although the thrust of the gathering is TRIBAL TATTOOS, we will also showcase other tribal activities like WEAVING, BEAD-MAKING, CARVING, HEADHUNTING RITUALS, ANCIENT RITUALS AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH TRIBAL CULTURES OF BORNEO. We hope to attract not just local tribal peoples of Borneo to share, discuss and learn amongst themselves but also welcome visitors from all over the world who want to be a part of our efforts to re-discover the purity of our ancient traditions. The indigenization of cultures is an anthropological exercise that is fast gaining momentum and now is the time to welcome the world to Borneo and show the world how rich and ancient our diverse cultures are! We are supported by the Sarawak Convention Bureau, the Sarawak Tourism Board and Borneo Adventures.

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