Cody Simpson's Tattoos

Australian pop singer/songwriter, musician, dancer, and actor from Gold Coast, Queensland.

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Mountain View



December 1, 2019 路 Cody got a bust of Apollo on the back of his right arm.


October 16, 2019 路 Skull


September 29, 2016 路 Fine line thunderbird tattoo on the right inner forearm, by Dr. Woo.


September 20, 2016 路 Cody got a single line armband tattoo, inked by Jon Boy at West 4 Tattoo studio in New York.


29 October 2015 路 "Mystic man in the sea" by Jon Boy at West 4 Tattoo studio in New York..


29 October 2015 路 Cody Simpson got two new arm tattoos the same day. First, a shark fin on the wrist, by Jon Boy.


8 June 2015 路 Mayan sun on the left shoulder by Dr. Woo.


21 July 2015 路 Dr. Woo shared a shot of Cody's new tattoo stating: "When a mommy palm tree meets a daddy anchor on @codysimpson".


13 May 2015 路 The design of his first tattoo was a celebration of his new record label, Coast House, tattooed on his inner elbow. The symbol represents the sun, water, and earth.

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