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Mountain View



March 13, 2018 路 鈥淎ttached to nothing, connected to everything鈥 tattoo on the back of the right arm.


October 2017 路 Quote in Arabic on the right forearm meaning "there is no race, only the human race".


June 9, 2017 路 鈥淢ade by heaven鈥 tattoo on the outer side of Jay's left forearm. This tat was inked by Konstantin Nossachev. see


January 20, 2017 路 鈥淭hey say I'm crazy but it keeps me from going insane鈥 tattoo on Jay Alvarrez's right inner forearm. It was tattooed by Konstantin Nossachev. see


May 5, 2017 路 鈥淣ever be insecure of your creativity鈥 tattoo on Jay's left ankle, by Konstantin Nossachev. see


December 7, 2016 路 'In Voluptas Mors' inspired tattoo on the right thigh, inked by Konstantin Nossachev. He also added two more circles to the circle he had on the left wrist. see


September 2016 路 Armband on the right forearm, meaning 鈥淟ife is a full circle鈥, and tattooed by Konstantin Nossachev. see


July 2016 路 Fantasy > Reality tattoo on the right forearm, once again by Konstantin Nossachev. see


May 2016 路 鈥淒ream World鈥, Bracelet, palm tree and 鈥淚sle鈥 tattoo on the left inner forearm, done by Konstantin Nossachev. see


2003 路 鈥淟et's live鈥 tattoo on Jay Alvarrez's inner lower lip, a tattoo he got when he was 14 years old. see

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