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While tattoos feel more normal each year, their placement continue to carry loaded social significance. Consider the difference between a flower etched onto the inner arm versus the neck.

To many, neck tattoos have a bad reputation, probably due to their popularity among gang members and prisoners. They are even called โ€œjob stoppersโ€ among some professionals in the industry, and many tattooers will refuse to tattoo your neck unless you basically had your whole body tattooed.

In 2015, journalist Jane Marie was refused a tattoo on her neck by New York artist Dan Bythewood and called it out, sparking a controversial debate over the honor codes of tattooing and clearly marking a generational divide within the scene.

The truth is that, if done right, neck tattoos can look cute and sophisticated, without the need of having a body suit. The ever evolving tattoo technology and evolution of the different tattooing styles have broaden the possibilities, allowing finer lines and softer imagery, and as workplaces become more relaxed, the rules begin to drop away.

The rise in fine line neck tattoos' popularity it's undeniable. It only takes between 15 and 30 minutes, and there's makeup out there, where you can cover it up if you really need to. For these reasons, neck tattoos are attracting a increasing number of clients, including high-level professionals in a variety of industries, like Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Neymar or Ruby Rose.

Like any other tattoo, A neck tattoo must be handled by and experienced artist. Before getting it, you must think about the aesthetic: put the stencil, step back and see how it looks from a few feet away, making sure it looks like it belongs. Make sure that it's 100 percent correct, even if I have to put down the stencil 50 times.

Obviously you don't want to do something that's going to blur out when your skin starts to wrinkle. You also have to think about the healing period, when you are going to be twisting and turning and moving around.

Small tattoos on this part of the body are generally quite easy to cope with, but big throat tattoos are really painful; you will feel a sharp and hot pain.

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