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Barbadian singer, actress, and fashion designer.

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Bad Gal RiRi loves to express her personal style through the art of tattoos. Here's a definitive list of her current inkings and the story behind each one.


Tribal tattoo on her hand.


Shark tattoo cover.


September 1, 2016 路 Shark tattoo inked on RiRi's left ankle, inked by Bang Bang. see


鈥1988鈥 inked in a bold black Gothic font encircling RiRi's right ankle, inked by Bang Bang. see


January 11, 2015 路 Christian cross on the inner of the superstar's right wrist, by Bang Bang. see


October 27, 2013 路 Rihanna had her latest maori tattoo cover it up with a new ornamental tattoo designed by Bang Bang and Cally-Jo. see


October 2013 路 Rihanna added a second Maori tattoo to her collection. The traditional Ta Moko tattoo features a series of small black lines and chevrons that extend from the fingers on the artist鈥檚 right hand all the way to her wrist. It was done by Inia Taylor. see


February of 2012 路 Nefertiti's bust tattoo on Rihanna's left side. see


September 2012 路 Portrait of the goddess Isis inked across the star's sternum and under her breasts. The tattoo was courtesy of Valerie Vargas. see


June 2012 路 Egyptian falcon tattoo inked on the inside of Rihanna's right ankle, by Bang Bang. see


March 2012 路 The artist got a hip/butt tattoo saying "lover" in Tibetan. see


March 15, 2012 Tiny christian cross tattoo on RiRi's left collarbone, by Bang Bang. see


January 25, 2012 路 Rihanna's tattoo across her knuckles reads 鈥淭hug Life鈥 in capital letters, and is a tribute to the late Tupac Shakur. It was inked by popular tattoo artist Mark Mahoney. see


"Rebelle fleur" tattoo on the neck. see


December 2009 路 Rihanna鈥檚 collarbone tattoo reads 鈥淣ever a failure, always a lesson鈥 and is printed backwards on her skin in cursive writing. see


March 2009 路 Small gun tattoo across the superstar's ribcage just below her right armpit, inked by Bang Bang. see


November 2008 路 While in a tour around New Zealand Rihanna got a geometric tribal tattoo on her right hand. The tattoo is maori style dragon claw complete with tiny little hibiscus flowers that extend up her wrist, and represents aroha (love) and mana (strength). see


In June 2008, Rihanna got the birthday of her best friend and manager, Melissa Forde, inked on the top of her left shoulder. She choose to get it done in roman numerals, XI鈥V鈥XXXVI. The artist behind the needle was Rob-G. see


June 2008 路 Rihanna's "Shhh..." tattoo on the index finger of her right hand was done by Bang Bang. Several celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Lily Allen and Neymar have copied this tattoo. see


"Love" tattoo on the singer's middle finger of her left hand. The tat was inked in L.A. in 2008 by an artist that Rihanna has used before. see


RiRi has a cartoonish skull and crossbones adorned with a pink hair bow on her right Achilles tendon. The tattoo was inked during a stay in Miami in 2008. see


Rihanna鈥檚 back of the neck tattoo was inked in 2008, and began as a simple design consisting of a few tiny stars, some of which were outlined and some of which were filled in with black ink. It was started by a tattoo artist in L.A. The stars match former boyfriend Chris Brown鈥檚 trio of stars behind his ear. Shortly after, the trail of stars was extended in New York by her favourite tattoo artist 鈥 Bang Bang. see


Arabic phrase which translates approximately to 鈥淔reedom in Christ.鈥 see


August 2006 路 Rihanna got a tattoo of a star outline inside of her left ear. see


Sanskrit prayer that lines Rihanna's hip, extending from her waist to just above her butt on the right side of her body. The tattoo meant to quote 鈥渇orgiveness, honesty, suppression and control鈥 from the Sanatana Dharma (a holy Hindu scripture) Bhagavad Gita 10.4-5. It was inked by Bang Bang. see


RiRi got the symbol for her astrological sign, pisces, inked behind her right ear. It was tattooed by a Brazilian tattoo artist who usually has a three-year wait list. She met the artist on a promotional trip to Tokyo, so she got to cut the line. see


Rihanna鈥檚 relationship with tattoos began in 2006 when the superstar got a treble clef and a sixteenth note on the upper inside part of her right foot. Six years later she covered up the tattoo with a egyptian falcon. see

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