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20 Small Female Celebrity Tattoos

These small tattoos, as seen on celebrities, make the perfect accessory on the red carpet— and in real life.

Everything miniature is automatically cute, and there are plenty of celebrities rocking small, tasteful tattoos that we think are totally adorable. So we decided to select 20 of them, and they are so cute, you’ll want one for yourself.

Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo on the finger, by Bang Bang.

Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) got recently a little fine line style bumblebee from Dr. Woo, inked on her pinky.

“Now I’m a warrior” tattoo on Demi Lovato, by Bang Bang. The artist drew inspiration for the tattoo from her own lyrics.

Selena’s fourth tattoo says “Love yourself first” in arabic ( أحب نفسك أول ), by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy.

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Hummingbird on Zelda William’s right hand, to honor her ‘Poppo’, Robin Williams. By Dr. Woo.

Hailey Baldwin commemorates her parents’ marriage with this Roman Numeral tattoo on her left wrist. It says “VI-X-XC” for “6-10-90? or June 10, 1990 which was their wedding date.

Outline of a heart of Ariana Grande’s second toe, by Isaiah Negrete.

Sketch work style ballet dancer tattoo on Rita Ora, by Bang Bang.

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Cara Delevingne heraldic tattoo on her left side, by Dr. Woo.

Hailey Baldwin Snapchatted this photo of her and Kendall Jenner’s new matching broken heart tattoos, and they’re just adorable.

Ireland and Hailey Baldwin’s matching tattoo saying “baldwin”, by Jon Boy.

Finger tattoo on Ruby Rose saying “here” and followed by a star.

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Wrist tattoo saying “Écureuil” (French for squirrel) on Ireland Baldwin’s wrist, by Jon Boy.

Number 76 in roman numerals on Selena Gomez. According to Bang Bang, this tattoo was in honor of a family member that she holds close to her heart.

Behind the ear tattoo of the Sagittarius zodiacal sign on Rita Ora.

“…And breathe me” tattoo on Ruby Rose’s neck, inspired by a song by Sia Furler titled “Breathe me”, written on her own handwriting.

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"Mille tendresse”, french term that translates to “a thousand terdernesses”, on Ariana Grande’s back of the neck, by Romeo Lacoste.

White dot tattoo on Kendall Jenner, by Jon Boy.

“1988” tattooed in a bold black Gothic font on Rihanna’s right ankle. The tattoo was inked by Bang Bang.

Small minimalistic number 5 placed on Lea Michelle's ribs, as a tribute tattoo to her late boyfriend Cory Monteith.

Nice to see the stars giving love to tattoos! If you wanna see more celebrity tattoos, check out and don't forget to follow our celebrity tattoo gallery!

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