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Magnificent Moon Tattoo Ideas

Our beautiful and bright moon is one of the few motifs with a universal symbology, which makes it one of the most popular tattoos suitable for almost everyone

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We have all caught ourselves staring at the moon, the largest and brightest celestial body in the night sky. Every person with eyes knows how it feels to contemplate its undeniable beauty, to look at its rocky terrain from the ends of the earth, and to be hypnotized by the idea of such a massive and shadowy entity rotating around our planet. This fascination has had a great influence on our body art, and has inspired countless tattoos in thousands of sizes, shapes, and colors.

The moon takes different forms as time goes by, and reminds us that life is cyclical and that everything is doomed to change, however constant things may seem. It reminds us of the consistency of all life.

It is also a symbol of karma. Life moves in non-linear terms, and we all know karma is a big circle - what comes around goes around. The moon in her phases reminds us of this kind of infinite process of recycling and regeneration.

Known are its power and influence on life on earth, just think about the tides that the moon causes. All life is touched and stimulated by the moon, especially dark life. Flora and fauna dance in lunar reels, enchanted by the wax and wane of the moon.

Because it can only be seen in the dark hours when the sky is almost or totally clear and it changes of shape depending on the phase in which it is, until relatively recently, the moon has always been associated with mystery, magic and witchcraft. In addition, the moon has played a very important role in mythology and in several legends since the beginning of humanity. Many gods and goddesses are featured with the moon to convey hidden power, secret wisdom and subtle influences.

In modern mythology, the moon is also associated with madness and evil. A clear example is the myths of the werewolf and the vampires, who affected by the lunar rays on days of full moon suffered character and physical alterations, and were pushed to commit violent acts.

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In some cultures, the moon is feared at the same time as respected, as a symbol of power and death. In others, the moon is a symbol of life, birth and rebirth.

The moon is also related to love, as there are those who believe that the moon governs emotions and has to do with the affective side of people.

Moon tattoos may hold a powerful appeal to women as they are inevitably tied to the moon cycles with their own. Further, the moon is a symbol of feminine power and fertility.

Whatever the motive with which we associate the moon, it is a very powerful motive that is capable of stirring deep emotions within us. Moon tattoos are a great choice for anyone who believes in the powers and influence of celestial bodies, has a whimsical side, or appreciates the history and science of astronomy.

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