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Small Ear Tattoo Ideas: Helix Tattoos

Tattooers are creating delicate and subtle tattoos right on the curve of the ear, so you'll never have to worry about losing an earring again

Small Tattoos in Placement

People are using dainty designs to embellish their ear cartilage, right on the ear's upper-outer curve, otherwise known as the helix. Tattoo artists are managing to craft from intricate florals to simple, minimalist lines that mimic the look of a piercing.

We have selected twelve photos of the trend, which prove you can draw pretty much anything on your ear as long as your artist has a small enough needle.

Although helix tattoos seem to particularly hold favor with minimalists, as it's the perfect place for delicate designs.

For some, helix tats are more subtle than the usual behind the ear tattoo, like Hailey Baldwin's "G", or antihelix tattoos, like Miley Cyrus' β€œlove” tattoo.

Hand poked lines and dots seem to be a very popular option.

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So, if you're thinking about upgrading your ears anytime soon, have a look at our ear helix tattoo gallery.

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