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Small Tattoos That Look Insanely Sexy

The sex appeal of a small tattoo is mostly in the placement on your body. If you want something tiny and cute but still oh so sexy, consider just where you get inked

Little Tattoos in Ideas

Tattoos can be beautiful, creative, badass, and hot AF. And the level of hottness, besides on what you're getting inked, can also depend on where you place it.

A simple tiny heart tattoo suddenly becomes more sensual when you put it on your bum cheek. You can obviously pick any placement of your choice, but if you're thinking of a spot that'll have hearts racing, any place that might be covered unless you move a hemline out of the way is surely a sexy spot.

If you want to own your fierce confidence by displaying it in ink, then prepare to be very inspired by these tattoos that are cute, creative, and easy to cover up if you want to keep them your little secret. We've rounded up a few ideas and concepts for you to get inspired. And we want them ALL.

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