Surrealist Artist Christian Schloe Inspires Tattooers

Digital surrealism is the heart of Schloe’s work, with dreamlike themes and fantastical creatures being the majority of his subjects

Tattoofilter in Ideas

Christian Schloe is a mysterious artist who combines painting with illustration and photography to create enchanting artworks that connect reality with imagination.

Not much is known about him. His works are all over Pinterest, but when trying to find out where all that beauty comes from, the only trace it's a scarce Facebook page that features less than 100 pictures. In the description of the page he quotes Peter S. Beagle: “anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty.”

Contemporary tattoo artists are adapting his work for skin, paying homage to the artistic dream world of Schloe. Here are a handful of adaptations by Jefree Naderali, Cassio Magne, Eva Krbdk, Matteo Nangeroni and Andrea Morales.

If you want to see more of Christian's designs in the form of a tattoo, here are links to our Schloe's tattoo gallery.

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