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Some tattoo enthusiasts are ditching their earrings for ink. Ear tattoos are more difficult to execute due to the location, an area deceptively hard to tattoo. Stencils and small lines are very difficult to apply because of the tiny area. Because the ear is made up of cartilage, the ink does not settle as well as it does most other parts of the skin. Still, if done properly, the end result can be beautiful and unique.

Pain levels in the ear depend on the individual, but it's generally not as painful as nerve-concentrated areas like the ribs, joints, or neck. It is definitely a tougher and more exposed part of our bodies. If you do have a low pain threshold, opt for a micro tattoo in the area, as it'll require a thinner needle than one used in traditional tattoos.

Getting a hand poked tattoo in the ear might be a wise option too, as some artists assert that most machines are too loud to be placed this close to ears, and some clients cite the extraordinarily loud noise while getting the tattoo. Some clients even assert that they find the vibration much too distracting to notice the pain, like you're living inside a vibrator for the time being.

Ear tattoos are easy to hide if your hair is long. Simply sweep your hair over the ear, and it's completely hidden from view.

Regarding price, and despite the difficulty of execution, ear tattoos do cost less, generally. And in spite of the limited price range, you can have a wide range of designs tattooed, including small color pieces, little flowers, or some dark things, too, like spiderwebs inside the ear.

Rita Ora, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus are among the celebrities who have made permanent statements on their ears.

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