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Feet are another highly popular and easy-to-hide spot, but getting inked there will be unpleasant. With little muscle mass in them, they're practically all flesh on bone. The tops of your feet also have particularly thin skin, which makes for an extremely painful tattoo. Ask anyone who have gotten their feet done and they'll tell you it's the worst.

Feet tattoos are bumpier to complete than other areas, so expect some additional time for you and your artist to figure out the specific placement with a ruler and stencil pen.

Because feet suffer excessive wear, tear, and exfoliation, tattoos here are notorious for fading fast, sometimes even before they're completely healed if the tattoo is close to the sole. As a result, some artist have specific caveats for feet tattoos, like paid touch-ups (these are usually free for a certain period of time). If you insist on getting your feet tatted, be prepared for the designs to fade, bleed, or blur over time.

Keep in mind that feet tattoos can also require longer healing times since friction with shoes can lead to irritation or potential infection. The more open your shoes, the better. Saran Wrap will become your best friend.

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