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Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and songwriter, born the first of March of 1994 in London, Ontario. It is a great lover of tattoos from an early age, as he got the first when he was sixteen years old. He already has more than 60.


January 30, 2020 · Laurel leaf neck tattoo by Dr. Woo.


5 of December, 2019 · Swallow and “forever” tattoo on the neck by Dr. Woo.


January 7, 2018 · Right upper arm tattoo including angel, pocket watch and rose.


January 6, 2018 · On January 26 2018 Justin revealed a matching tattoo with megapastor Carl Lentz of two crossing guns with the words ''Make 'Em Pay," for friends lost too soon, located on his right inner arm.


October 21, 2017 · Torso tattoo.


March 28, 2017 · Lion head tattoo on the left side of the chest.


March 21, 2017 · Bear head tattoo on the right side of the chest.


March 21, 2017 · Eagle tattoo.


November 21, 2016 · The singer got the words 'Son Of God' inked across his abs.


June 16, 2016 · The singer got a “Better at 70” tattoo. The ink takes up the majority of his left upper thigh area.


May 8, 2016 · Jon Boy showed a photo of him together with Justin and his new tiny black cross inked just below his left eye.


December 10, 2015 · Justin posted a photo of his angel wings tattoo on the back of his neck. see


October 6, 2015 · "Purpose" tattoo just above the superstar's belly button. see


July 9, 2015 · Baby Georgia-inspired “G” on the inner side of Justin's right forearm. see


May 16, 2015 · “LL” Tat on Justin’s upper left arm. "LL" stands for "low lift", when your head is low, lift it up. see


July 6, 2014 · Rose tattoo above JB's cherub and heart tattoos. see


June 2014 · Small cherub angel tattoo close to Justin Bieber's right elbow. see


April 2014 · “Patience” written vertically down his right side of the neck, just below the ear, done in Ink City Tattoo. see


April 23, 2014 · Romeo Lacoste added some color and some shading to the spaces surrounding this new half-sleeve tattoo. see

March 25, 2014 · Two pound signs/hash symbols next to Justin’s “trust” and boom box tattoos, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. The two hash signs next to could mean Sharp, as on a music staff ♯ means sharp, ♭ means flat and ♮ means natural. see


March 25, 2014 · A mean-looking cartoon ghost from the Mario Brothers video game, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 25, 2014 · A pretty crude-looking Magic 8-Ball next to Justin’s infamous Banksy “Balloon Girl” tattoo, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 25, 2014 · A spade on the outside of his right hand that looks like a heart or shooting star, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 25, 2014 · Scales filling in the space between the tats on his forearm and his wrist, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 25, 2014 · A series of letters just below Justin’s mask tattoo that translate to “JB” in Korean, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 2014 · A cartoon hand throwing a peace sign, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 25, 2014 · A large smiling Korean mask inked on the inside of Justin’s right forearm, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 25, 2014 · A large, cartoonish old-school boom box with music notes next to Justin’s Kanji tattoo meaning “music”, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 25, 2014 · Right forearm tattoo of the word “Trust” written in the same font and location as Justin’s “Believe” tattoo on his left inner forearm, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 2014 · Red heart with two X's for eyes on the right forearm, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 2014 · Graffiti-style cartoonish fish head, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 2014 · Large cartoon star with two X’s for eyes on the forearm, done by Potter Seunghyun Jo. see


March 2014 · Diamond tattoo on the outside of Justin Bieber's right wrist. see


March 2014 · A stencil-style Banksy “Balloon Girl” tattoo on Justin's right forearm, by Glen Hartless. see


January 29, 2014 · Justin got the word "Forgive" written on his waist, by Bang Bang. see


January 28, 2014 · Christian cross on the center of his chest done by Bang Bang during a flight from Panama to Canada aboard the singer’s private plane. see


January 13, 2014 · Small treble clef inked behind the superstar's left ear. see


January 14, 2014 · The singer revealed a forearm tattoo that says “LOVE” written vertically next to the jester in a black old-school Gothic font. see


January 12, 2014 · Just the following day, the singer got a compass tattoo on the outside of his left bicep. see


January 11, 2014 · On January the 11th the artist added a jester to his right arm. see


December 2013 · Justin Bieber’s has a star tattoo nestled between his angel wing and rose tattoos on his left arm. see


November 30, 2013 · Eagle in flight tattooed on the upper part of Justin Bieber's left arm, done by Rhys Gordon. see


September 2013 · Right shoulder blade tattoo saying “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” from the Bible’s Psalm 119:105. see


August 25, 2013 · Single wing tattoo by Chuey Quintanar. see


August 1, 2013 · The pop star got inked a black and grey style rose tattoo on inner side of the left forearm, next to the knight.


August 1, 2013 · The pop star got inked a black and grey style rose tattoo on his left arm, connecting the tiger, eye, and owl tattoos into almost a sleeve. It was done at Bang Bang’s tattoo parlor, by Bang Bang. see


July 17, 2013 · Realistic eye in black and grey tattoo on the inside of Justin Bieber's left arm, inked by Keith Bang Bang. see


July 10, 2013 · Left forearm tattoo of wooden cross with a bleeding globe with a thorny crown. see


June 17, 2013 · A Castle with crashing waves to complete a half-sleeve. see


May 31, 2013 · A Knight holding a sword on his arm. see


April 22, 2013 · Angel tattoo with the face of a woman who looks like Selena Gomez, by Daniel Dufo. see


April 22, 2013 · Tiger tattoo on Justin's left upper arm, by Daniel Dufo. see


April 20, 2013 · Koi fish tattoo inked directly below the owl, on Justin's left forearm. see


February 25, 2013 · The singer got inked the Greek letter “Chi,” which is short for the Greek word meaning “Christ”. Inked by Guy Sahar. see


January 14, 2013 · Date in roman numerals inked on Justin's right shoulder, bellow his collarbone. see


On January 6, 2013, Justin Bieber got a tattoo of the Canadian Stratford Cullitons hockey team logo of a Native American chief’s face on his left shoulder blade, as a tribute to his late grandfather. Was inked by Chente Rios. see


December 30, 2012 Bieber added three roses around the existing praying hands tattoo he got on his leg in March. see


October 28, 2012 · Justin has an owl tattoo inked on the outside of his left forearm. see


August 2012 · Small crown inked on the left side of his chest on August 2012. see


July 4, 2012 · Japanese Kanji symbol that means "music" inked on July 2012. see


June 20, 2012 · Justin Bieber’s "Believe" tattoo on his left forearm is a tribute to his third album. The tattoo was Bang Bang's work. see


March 2012 · Praying hand tattoo inked on his left leg on March 2012. see


January 2012 · Justin has a Jesus wearing a crown of thorns on his left calf. see


April 2011 · The artist has “Yeshua” written under his left armpit, which means “Jesus” in Hebrew. see


March 2010 · The singer acquired his first tattoo at the tender age of 16. Bieber’s first piece of ink — a tiny seagull on his hip — represents the main character from the fable “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” written by Richard Bach about a seagull learning to fly and learning about life in the process. see

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