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Underneath the boob tattoos, more commonly known as under-boob tattoos, as referred to tattoos located on the spot underneath the bottom curve of the breast, have recently gained a lot of popularity.

The breast size or shape shouldn't affect whether or not a person can get a tattoo underneath the boob. In fact, even men can get an under-boob tattoo. This body area is a spot that doesn't discriminate.

Similarly to sternum and side-boob tattoos, the under-boob area is sensitive, intimate, and easily hidden by clothing (unless you choose otherwise).

The most important thing to take into account when you get one of these tattoos is that the aftercare varies from person to person, depending on your breast size and shape. For someone with larger breasts or whom boobs hang low, a transparent film dressing during the healing process is recommended for protecting the fresh tattoo ink. This kind of film solves the problem of boob sweat or friction from skin and clothing. And as far as bras go, if a bra is going to rub against the tattoo during the healing process, skip it.

As we always recommend, tell your artist about your concerns before or after you take the plunge on the tattoo because no matter what, you'll have to find a design and after-care routine that makes sense for you.

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