32 Tiny Tattoos You Can Get Inked in 5 Minutes or Less

These gorgeous and meaningful pieces of body art are definitely worth 5 minutes of a pain that feels like one long, slow cat scratch

Small Tattoos in Ideas

If you're a tattoo virgin and you're seriously considering changing that, it's highly likely that you will start off with a tiny tat. This won't make you an expert on the topic of body art, but you will probably discover that getting tattooed was a lot different than you thought it would be.

There are some surprising things about getting a little tattoo. To start with, you will be pleasantly surprised by how quick it will be over and by how manageable your pain is. Small tattoos are not as painful as you may have heard.

Here are 32 gorgeous miniature tattoos that will send you straight to Tattoo Filter to find the closest tattoo studio. They only take less than 5-minutes to make!

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