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Side Boob Tattoos That Will Give You Some Inspiration For Your Next Design

When it comes to sexy tattoos, it's all about placement. Body areas like below your breasts are undeniably hot and gorgeous, but the side boob are just as fierce, if not more, because they're slightly less obvious.

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There is no doubt that cool side boob tattoos are incredibly sexy. Catching a glimpse of the subtle and totally cool side boob tattoo leaves intrigue and still something to the imagination. This is currently a go-to location for anyone craving a tattoo that fears their parents, employers, or any of the usual social stigmas that go along with getting ink done. Side boob tattoos could arguably be the new lower back tat, but let's just hope no one comes up with an offensive, not so clever nickname like the tramp stamp for it.

But, “how much does it hurt?” This question is easily the most asked in every tattoo shop. You will hear a number of answers but this is such a hard question to answer as every person is very different. The easy answer is that side boob tattoos hurt. All of them. Some not as much as others, but either way, your body will make it.

Not sure you can go wrong with a ribcage tattoo as long as it's something you can live with forever, chances are you are going to chose wisely. Of course, everyone needs inspiration from time to time — if you're having trouble dreaming up the perfect tattoo then check out these brilliant side boob tattoos for creative stimulation.

Mountain View
Mountain View

For more side boob tattoo inspiration, check our dynamic gallery. Remember to follow your favorite artists and get in touch with the ones you would like to get inked by.

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